Some pictures of players "back then".  Many have passed away...but not all!
Raymond explains
Tom has his doubts..
George has heard it before.
Hollywood and The Philco.  Both gone to meet The Maker.
Can this be the same guy?
Doyle and Burt are easily amazed.
Philco and Jean dressed-up       Burt and Kevin amazed again                 Bobby Joe amused
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Would you trust this man as a town mayor?
Bo and PJ no doubt learning sum'in'
Six men in a four-handed game.
Ice Cream shoes.
The Indian.  His ass will be happy when he dies so it can get a rest.
Ass got it's wish in 2012.
Scottie is camera shy
Worl is proof we are not all old!
But he's getting older!
Tom shed the beard after 12 years;
He should have robbed a 7-11 first. It's back longer than ever now.
Hollywood missed a bank shot while BJ gets ready to spot one up.  Tommy on second table and Phil waiting for a shot.
Big'un closely follows a shot while Allen looks on.
Big'un passed on a few years ago.
Allen on second table                         Phil shoots bank and that's a nine ball game in the                                                             background between Tommy and Square Head.
Hollywood poses                                                                                                   Big'un waits.
Denny and Allison-wanted in seven states.
Bartender Judy put up with a lot..then she left!
Phil and Jack.  Jack is between meals.
Doyle shoots pool this same way..eyes closed.
Danny in younger days before taking over.                                Kevin off his Harley and having a cool one.
Hollywood in his favorite position.
Music is Gene Autry singing Atlanta Bound