Meet The Players
Three afternoon customers-Jeff, Shawn, and J. Fred
BJ ponders a bank shot while in his mind he wonders "what can you do?"
Tater, the former owner/manager still stops by and coaches on the sidelines.
Professor Smith coaches in a more relaxed mode.
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Chief Do-Nothing Smith and Cockrock doing what they do.
Billy L is not waiting for Abby to use the ATM
James E was part of the morning group.
Closeup of Chief Do-Nothing Smith.  He sometimes needed a note to get home.  Now serving on the "big ship in the sky."
EW Smith is polite rather than telling Professor Smith "I've heard this before."
Raymond "Admiral" " Mr. Wizard" Smith.  Source of many stories..some true
Mr. Smith front.  Leroy back.  Leroy died in 2000 after making it 85 years.  Until he died he was one fine bank player, enjoyed a cigar and a beer, liked to walk the dogs, and at least once "danced naked".
Walter and Dagwood, both gone to the "upstairs poolroom".  Walter loved his Stag and a candybar.  Dagwood was so tough he once ran over a train.
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PJ, Bo, Raymond
Worl and Willie
Music is Kokomo Arnold's SissyMan Blues