Church Street Pool Room has had a new owner for a few years now.  It's Danny Storey.. a nice guy.  He is a real go-getter.  Now we have a giant size TV over the bar.  Danny has cleaned up the place and is actually running it like a business.  The weekly 8-Ball tournament is back and it's getting a good following with many staying around for late night action.

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                           Owner Danny Storey
Girls outnumber the boys.
Al, Allan, and George
Kevin and Mike's wife  Sandy
K. P. and his admirers.  K.P. died of cancer a couple of years ago but he still remembered by all.
Crowded place on Band Night
Elvis Roper sitting to close to Daniel's wife
Mike entertains Tracy and Lucy
Gary R. visits from Memphis
Music is Bill Cox' My Rough and Rowdy Ways